After Sunday March 24 – Open By Appointment

Sunday, March 24 will be our last day this season that we will keep regular hours. After that we will be open “when the sign is out” or by appointment. Just call 800 832 2663 to make an appointment. Of course you can always shop from our website and order over the phone or our online store, which is getting updated daily. Just go to

The End of Season is in full swing! Up to 40% off Men’s & Women’s X-C Jackets. 40% Off Men’s Women’s & Kid’s 2012 Columbia Winter Jackets & non carryover winter boots. 40% Off all Woolrich and Alps sweaters. 30% to 40% Off 2012 Men’s & Women’s Wicking Tops, Fleece Tops & Fleece Jackets. At least 30% Off all 2012 Skating Skis, Boots and Poles!