Coming up Jan 28-29th Weekend: Get your Fill at the Grill, plus FREE Cross Country Ski Lesson!

This Saturday and Sunday from Noon till 3:00pm, Grill Cook Erin Gielincki will make a special appearance on the Stone Turtle Day Lodge Sun Deck to Fire Grill your choice of Salmon Burgers, Lean Beef Burgers or Black Bean Veggie Burgers. Choose your entree and Erin will grill it to perfection. If you dare, ask that your entree be cooked “Fire on the Mountain Style” – Grilled with sizzling hot sauce and topped with Jalapenos, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and creamy Buffalo Blue Cheese dressing.

Join us for a free cross country ski lesson at 4:00pm on Saturday, January 28th! This beginner lesson teaches the basics of cross country skiing, including classic diagonal stride and/or skate skiing, hill climbing and descending, and turning. We even teach you how to get up after you fall down! Adults and children are welcome. If you need to rent skis for a nominal charge, please sign in at the rental desk no later than 3:45pm. This class is free and lasts approximately 1 hour.