Cross Country Ski Headquarters Ski Report – Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The temperature as of 5:30 am this morning was 25F  and the snow pack has refrozen. It even snowed a little yesterday afternoon. By noon the temperature is forecast to be above freezing. The best time to ski today will be between noon and 4pm. The snow will have softened by then.

There are a few bare spots on the Manitou, Wild Turkey and Adventure trails. The extension on the Rolling Hills trail also has ice under the big pines. The Tall Pines trail has been devoured by snow fleas.

Depth of packed snow ranges from 5  to 14 inches (26 inches in the Blizzard X-C Ski Park where we make snow). Depth of unpacked snow ranges from 5 to 16 inches. Spring conditions for classic and skate skiing prevail on 7  trails that total 10.6 miles.

Today: Sunny. High 39F. Winds WNW 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 39. Winds E 10 to 15 mph.

Today’s lunch special the Hammy Sammy panini: sliced Black Forest Ham, spinach, fresh tomato, brown mustard and provolone grilled to perfection on Stone House 7 grain bread.

The End of Season Sale is in full swing including a host of Salomon Equipe 10 classic skis at very special prices!

Lynne, Bob, Mariah, Stu, Fran, Brian, Caterina, Erin, Michelle, Matt V, Michele, Jennie, Hope, Gage, Matt B, Dana, Kerrigan, Janelle, Lexi, Sara, Abby, Garrett and Crew