Michigan Cup Relays Champions 2023

Cross Country Ski Report – Monday, March 13th

The Michigan Cup Relays was a blast yesterday, with 135 skiers from all over the state (and beyond) racing on relay teams of 3 around the Relay loop on the Headquarters Trappers Cabin and Rolling Hills trails. The race was followed by some great live music, food, and the Michigan Cup Awards Party. We are THRILLED to tell you that the Cross Country Ski Headquarters team was victorious in taking back the Michigan Cup this year, in the tightest race in recent history! A big congrats to team Nordic Ski Racer for giving us a major run for our money – it really came down to the relays, and it was a fight to the finish!

The 2.5km Relay loop has plenty of snow on it, and will be snow combed this morning with the rest of the trails, except for Tall Pines. The fresh snow we received yesterday morning added to the snow pack, but there will be some thin and bare spots. With temps staying below freezing all day, the snow will stay cold and nice all day. The Stone Turtle Cafe is open!

All the best,

-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, George, Erin, Missy, Gill, Drew, Alex, Mitch, Krista, Will, Josie, Branden and the crew