Blue bird day XC Ski HQ

Cross Country Ski Report – Sunday, March 13th

We received another inch or more of snow yesterday, which has done wonders for the classic tracks! Trails have full coverage of fresh snow, which will be snow combed this morning. Older classic tracks now have a couple inches of fresh snow that was “skied in” throughout the day yesterday, so in some places they are a little washed out, but the snow quality is excellent and they are not icy. The Stone Turtle Cafe is open for handmade paninis, chili, cookies and craft beverages.

Blue bird day XC Ski HQ
Conditions were gorgeous yesterday, and the skies opened up after snowfall earlier in the day.


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Make the most of these great conditions!

-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Missy, Gill, George, Alex, Krista, Drew, Meaghan, Josh, Josie, Mike, Butch, Donnie and the crew