Cross Country Ski Report – Thursday, March 11th

The warm temps and bit of rain have taken a toll on the trail system. Much of the trail surface is quite icy at this point, and skiing – particularly on any hilly section of trail – is not recommended. Bob did ski the Trappers Cabin and Adventure trails yesterday afternoon and reported some decent stretches of snow, so if you must go, wait until the afternoon when it softens a bit and stick to the flats. Hopefully we’ll get some more cold temps and snow as the month goes on.

The Stone Turtle Cafe is open for outdoor dining, as well as 50% capacity indoor dining. We just got restocked and are having some great clothing sales, including 30% off non-carry over Swix clothing. So come on out and shop and eat!

All the best,

– Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Gill, Missy, Krista, Alex, Bradley, George, Mike, Butch, Will, Joel, Donnie, Josh, Josie, Annie, Lissa, Brian and the crew