Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Some genius once said “There’s a silver lining to everything.” What’s the silver lining to summer ending? You don’t need to be a genius to figure out it’s the…

Labor Day Weekend Sale at Cross Country Ski Headquarters!

Yes, it is soon time for the most epic sales event of the year, and as always we are working night and day (ok, mostly just day) to get ready for you to shop your little heart out. Since July, boxes upon boxes of new 2016 inventory have been tumbling out of big freight trucks onto our doorstep every afternoon, and we’ve been hard at work staying afloat. What exactly is inside those boxes, you might ask? Only the latest and greatest cross country ski equipment and cold weather clothing, which, might we add, are getting a big fat SALE tag put on them the second they come out of said boxes. You mean 2016 clothing from The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, Columbia, Woolrich, and White Sierra, plus 2016 skis and boots from Fischer, Alpina and more are already going on SALE?? Oh yeah. You heard us.

And yes, Virginia, there is a huge sale on last year’s inventory, too.

How huge? Are we talking orca whale huge, or Grand Canyon huge, or like, Milky Way Galaxy huge? Let’s not get bogged down in details. Suffice it to say that you may have never seen a sale of top-notch ski gear and well-made fall/winter clothing of this scale before, including stuff that never goes on sale like Patagonia, Under Armour, and more, all at 40-50% off. But don’t be scared! We have over 1000 years of combined experience in helping people buy skis and clothing that fit them and make them feel great, especially when they see the prices (Bob is much, much older than you think).

And what about skis, hmm?

Oh, you mean racks full of previous year’s skis and boots discounted 30 to 60% off? Why yes. The list includes items like the 2015 Atomic Sport Pro Skate AND Classic skis for $159 (list $ 265), and the 2015 Fischer RC3 Combi boots for $146.30 (list $209). Did you say you were ready for some faster skis this year? Then you might like Stu’s favorite, the ultralight 2015 Rossignol XiumWCS S2 Skate Ski for $386 (list $690), or the World Cup dominating 2015 Fischer Speedmax Skate AND Classic skis for $449 (list $699). Or maybe you’re ready to join the classic revolution, in which case the 2015 Atomic Sport Pro Skintec classic skis for $314.30 (list $449) might interest you. We could keep going, but we don’t want to over stimulate you (and those boxes aren’t going to unpack themselves).

Oh wait, did we mention the HUGE sale on 2016 skis and ski packages? This includes recreational, sport, and race ski packages, and they’re all 20-40% off. Check out to get a sneak peek.

And if this isn’t enough to get you to come visit your dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynne and Cousins Mariah and Stu (is this getting weird yet?), join us for a Labor Day Roller Ski Rally! We’ll leave the shop around 11:00am on Monday, September 7th and do a fun roller ski training ride together and a complimentary barbeque lunch afterwards.

As Gandalf said, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS…
up The
Labor Day Weekend Sale.”
ours are Fri to Mon, 10:00am – 5:00pm.

Mark your calendar! Tell your friends! Hug your mother! See you soon!

– Lynne, Bob, Mariah, Stu, Fran, Erin, Matt V., Dana, Sarah, Steve, Abby, Brian, Lexi, Gage, Matt B. and the rest of the crew