Still plenty of snow at the Ides Of March!

Cross Country Ski Report – Wednesday, March 15th

Blue skis and sunshine resulted in lots of smiling skiers yesterday, and today should be the same. Today Groomer Mike is snowcombing all the trails this morning except for Tall Pines.   Today’s high temp is forecasted for 44F, and so skiing will be faster in the morning and a bit slower in the afternoon, so go get it!   Some thin spots will become thinner with the sun this afternoon, but there is still great skiing to be had today.  The Stone Turtle Cafe is open today, and there are some great sales to be had in the shop on ski packages and clothing. Ski experts are on staff every day to assist!  Also, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all-star HQ crew-member Erin Gielincki!

All the best,

-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, George, Erin, Missy, Gill, Drew, Alex, Mitch, Krista, Will, Josie, Branden and the crew