December 8th, 2012, Saturday: Wax Clinic & Team Dinner

Cross Country Ski Headquarters will host our annual wax clinic on Saturday, December 8th at 4:00PM. This clinic will be highly informative and of interest to racers and recreational skiers alike. There is no charge for this clinic.

The XC SKI HQ Team dinner follows the wax clinic, beginning at 6pm. Come join the 2004, ’07, ’08, ;09 and’10 Michigan Cup Champions (also the ’10 and ’11 Brumbaugh Cup Champions) in our annual kick-off potluck dinner, where we’ll introduce new team members, review last year’s performance, and strategize on how to bring home the MI Cup in 2013. Other topics will include technique, food and liquids for race day, race gear, and winter team training dates.

This event always ends up being a lot of fun, so even if you think you might only do one race this season, come and enjoy this annual gathering of the most fun-loving skiers out there!

Don’t forget, we are very welcoming to new team members! Our team spans a wide range of age and ability, and members are always willing to help out fellow skiers. To find out more, join us on Team Night, or call or email Devan Thielfoldt at 248-740-8825 or, or Bob Frye at