Fischer Carbonlite Skate Boot 21/22

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Fischer carbonlite skate boot

Model year 2021/2022.  Taking cues from the World Cup, the new Carbonlite Skate boot has eliminated weight and increased performance. A new carbon cuff and heel counter work in tandem with an improved inner boot and lacing system for optimal energy transfer and control.

  • 450g per pair for size 42.
  • World Cup Carbon Cuff:  Perfect side stability and outstanding freedom of movement longitudinally.  Shaped specially for the boot, light as a feather and embedded in soft EVA.  Velcro Strap.
  • Carbon Heel Counter:  Heel counter made of high-quality carbon fibres.  It holds the World Cup Carbon Cuff on the one hand and gives you an optimum heel fit and robust protection on the other.
  • Heel Fit Strap: lace straps behind heel of inner boot allow for optimal heel control.
  • Fischer Speed Lock: Revolutionary quick lock lacing with minimum size and weight.  Simply pull the laces tight – thats it!  The system is safe and reliable.
  • Zero Play Hinge: The solid connection of the Zero Play Hinge provides excellent stability and lateral support for efficient energy transfer, while allowing for a full range of motion forwards and backwards for top speed.
  • Extended Fit System: The dual insole system offers additional fit control.  Spacer insoles slide under primary insole for snugger fit.
  • Sealed Zipper:  The specially sealed zipper on Lace Cover ensures that any moisture  is kept out.
  • Thermo Insole: Insole with fleecy top layer and aluminum-lined lower lay for ideal insulation to keep out the cold.
  • Fischer Fresh: Puts an end to unpleasant odours, giving you lasting freshness inside the boot with pleasnt smell and feeling inside.
  • Turnamic Race Skate Sole: stiff sole flex that fits all current NNN, ProLink & Turnamic bindings.