21/22 Fischer Spider 62 Xtralite Skis w/ Turnamic Control Step-In binding | 12% OFF | ONLY 166cm


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ONLY 166cm skis left in stock for 21/22 model.  If you don’t see your ‘skier weight’, please check out the 22/23 Fischer Spider 62 skis (click here) or the Salomon Outpath 60 skis (click here).

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–  FISCHER SPIDER 62 Xtralite SKIS ifp w/ turnamic control step-in binding

Model Year 2021/22. Ski weight = 1630 grams for 176cm. Side Cut 62-52-60mm. Mid length Sizes: 166cm (less than 131 lbs), 176cm (132 to 176 lbs), 186cm (154 to 198 lbs), and 196cm (179 to +220 lbs). The Fischer Spider 62 is one of our best-selling and most favorite skis of all time! The full length micro metal edge and shorter-than-most mid-length sizing on the Spider 62 makes for excellent control and stability, and the glide is unbelievably good for a metal-edge ski. This no-wax base climbs and glides better than any no-wax base that Fischer ever put on a metal edged ski (it is a positive molded base with many variations of the depth of the pattern). This ski is narrower than most metal edge back country skis, which contributes to the great glide and also makes it work well on groomed trails. Add the lighter Air Tec Core construction, generous side cut and ultra finished stone ground Sintec base, and you get stability, easy turning, and great glide with very little effort! Use on and off trail 40/60. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.  These skis are built with a pre-mounted Integrated Fixation Plate (IFP), which the Turnamic Control Step-In bindings slide onto.  Wide binding plate and secure binding attachment allow for maximum power transfer to the skis. With quick, tool-free adjustment capability, they are easy to adjust forward and back for optimal performance, regardless of snow condition or terrain. No grip? No problem, simply move the binding forward! Not enough glide? Just slide the binding back. This is binding technology at its finest. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4½ out of 5 stars.

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