BLIZ Proflip MAX Small Face – 3 Lens


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The Bliz Proflip Max Small Face a designed to fit smaller faces, and also comes with 3 lenses.

The Bliz Proflip Max Small Face is the ideal shield for the skiers who want the greatest protection and flexibility in the most varying weather conditions. This perfectly design eye shield has a hinged lens, which allows the skier to adjust the amount of protection in varying conditions. The Bliz Proflip Max has been designed to provide the user with the best possible field of view, with unbeatable comfort and functionality that allows the skier a long and comfortable outing in any weather. Wide neck strap sits comfortably on the back of the head, ensuring that the lens stays firmly in place. Carefully thought out details guarantee the highest level of protection and comfort.

Three lenses are included, all with high optical quality and 100% UV protection. This is the perfect choice for cross country skiing, biathlon/ski shooting and other demanding winter sports.