Fast Wax Low Fluoro “HSLF”, 80g


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Fast Wax High Speed Low Fluoro (HSLF) is an engineered blend of several paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax. This selective blending process combined with our unique environmentally friendly fluoro compound gives Fast Wax skier’s an advantage in speed and durability over other products.

A mix of hard waxes to provide a solid foundation for HSLF. These hard waxes help keep the wax in the ski as the snow attempts to pull it out. Ironed in wax provides extra durability. The pores of the ski base will expand from the irons heat allowing wax to sink deeper in to it.  Now your skis can go for miles and miles with excellent glide.

White 80g HSLF-0 (below 8F)
Cold weather training and racing wax. Fluoro cold waxes have improved dramatically over the last few years and are now trusted throughout the racing community. Use caution when applying as a very hot iron is required.

Green 80g HSLF-10 (-5F to 15F)
Training and racing wax for single digit teen temps. Consider HSF Green for better race performance and durability.

Blue 80g HSLF-20 (12F to 28F)
Popular training and budget racing wax. Consider HSF Tan or Salmon for better race durability and dirt resistance. Like all Fast Wax products HSLF 20 Blue irons in smooth and scrapes out easily.

Red 80g HSLF-30 (22F to 32F)
Low fluoro content helps improve glide in moist snows especially near the freezing point. Racers will find better results with high-fluoro waxes like HSF-30 with its significantly higher fluoro content.

Yellow 80g HSLF-40 (30F to 50F)
Fluoro content improves wet snow glide over non-fluorinated waxes. Yellow is best in clean snow, otherwise consider either HSLF Red for dirtier snow or HSF Bronze for racing performance.

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White 80g HSLF-0 (below 8F), Green 80g HSLF-10 (-5F to 15F), Blue 80g HSLF-20 (12F to 28F), Red 80g HSLF-30 (22F to 32F), Yellow 80g HSLF-40 (30F to 50F)