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2018 Fischer Superlite Wax EF Cross Country Skis

Ski weight = 1260 grams for size 194cm. Side cut 48-44-46 mm. Sizes 179cm (skier weight 89 to 130 lbs), 184cm (121 to 152 lbs), 189cm (130 to 163 lbs), 194cm (152 to 185 lbs), 199cm (163 to 196 lbs), and 204cm (185 to 220 lbs). The Fischer Superlite Wax skis are so much fun, it’s no wonder they’re our best selling waxable ski ever. Fischer’s proven Efficient Forward (EF) ski construction adds elasticity to the body of the ski, which means almost effortless kick on both hills and flats, and wonderful glide. Fischer’s Air Core Basalite core makes the Superlite very lightweight and consistent across snow conditions, and World Cup Pro base gives them a long and smooth glide phase. These Fischer skis are a favorite among recreational fitness skiers who want to see how fun a waxable ski can be! Use on and off trail 80/20. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4¾ out of 5 stars.

List Price: $299

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