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Ski weight = 1030 grams for size 197cm. Side cut 41-44-44 mm. Sizes 187cm, 192cm, 197cm, 202cm , and 207cm, in Soft, Medium and Stiff flexes. We will select the appropriate ski length and flex based on skier height, weight, and experience level. After Fischer’s highly successful debut of the Twin Skin Carbon two seasons ago, they have once again raised the bar with the lighter, faster Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax. This Fischer ski redefines no-wax ski performance, and offers users the best of both worlds: maximum kick and glide performance AND minimal maintenance. The Twin Skin Speedmax combines Twin Skin technology with top-end features that Fischer is known for, such as Cold Base Bonding, carbon fiber tip and Aircore Carbon core for incredibly lightweight, responsive, and consistent ski feel. What makes the Twin Skin different from other “skin” technologies is the dual, staggered skins on the ski base. The skin’s staggered placement, reduced leading profile, and variable depth channels create less initial friction with the snow and a very smooth glide phase. Teflon coating ensures low moisture and therefore no ice build-up. These skis shine in all ski conditions, and especially in icy hard-pack. Fischer’s revolutionary Cold Base Bonding technology gives it the edge above all other ski bases, allowing the base to retain its original molecular structure. The results are unprecedented gliding properties, wax absorption, grindability, and overall speed. Cold Base Bonding also adds a thermal absorption layer between the ski base and ski body, so that Speedmax skis react with consistency and predictability on the snow, regardless of snow temps. Fischer’s World Cup Plus base is Fischer’s fastest and most versatile base. Power Edge ensures uniform wax wear and ski durability. An unprecedented level of skin performance has been achieved with the much anticipated Twin Skin Speedmax! Use on and off trail 95/05. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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