Jenex V2 XL150S Aero Skate Skis


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The V2 Aero roller skis are renowned for their versatility. The skis can be used on dirt roads, limestone bicycle paths, chip seal pavement and on grass. On normal pavement the pneumatic tires provide an extremely smooth ride. Many users consider the Aero to be the safest skis available as they will roll over debris that can stop smaller wheels. The original Aero with the 150mm pneumatic wheels can cover terrain impossible with any other roller ski. The large 150mm pneumatic wheels easily roll over road debris and provide a very smooth ride. Despite the large wheel size, the XL150S is very light at only 2000g per pair, which is why so many say the XL150S is their top choice in roller skis.

 “The Aero are my favorite roller skis.”  – John Bauer, USA. Top American at the 2002 Olympics.

Recommended for up to boot size 46.

WEIGHT LIMIT 195lb (88kg)