Jenex V2 XLC98 Skate Composite Skis


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The Jenex Rollerskis come flat, or add the Prolink Access Skate binding.
Add a brake that mounts to the ski using the wheel fork retention bolts. To use the brake a small section of the wheel fork is easily removed to allow the brake pad to engage with the wheel.

The XLC are the lightest and the most snow like solid rubber wheel roller skis Jenex has ever produced. The vibration damping of the new composite frame is exceptional, and, coupled with the shock absorbing wheel forks, the XLC makes skiing on pavement as similar to skiing on snow as possible. In addition to lower ski weight and the improved vibration damping, another advantage of the XLC is a lower center of gravity. The clearance from the pavement to the bottom of the shaft is the same, but with the strong construction we can make the shaft thinner, so the top of the shaft is lower, making the skis more stable.

THE CORE: The core material is the foundation of a roller ski shaft and we have tried about every material available including a variety of metal cores. From extensive experience for roller skis, cellular cores are superior to metal cores. The XLC uses the best core to date. However, fabricating the cellular core is time consuming and expensive compared to an extruded core.

BONDING: Composite structures need a very strong bond to both the fibers and the core. The cellular core we use has thousands of microscopic pores per square centimeter, and therefore the epoxy penetrates and bonds extremely well to the core. The epoxy that binds the fibers to themselves and to the core has a tensile strength about 3X greater than conventional epoxies and is the strongest commercially available.

The non-metallic wheel forks reduce vibration, and for improved safety, all V2 Roller Skis are designed to accept the patented Jenex speed reducers and brakes.

The four XLC98 models are identical except for wheel speed. The XLC98F is fast, The XLCM is medium, the XLC98MS is medium slow and the XLC98S is slow.

WEIGHT LIMIT 195lb (88kg)

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