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With Rex Low Fluor Glider (LF) series you get most of the innovations introduced with HF-series, at an economical level. The yellow, blue and green versions cover all typical conditions and specially formulated black and pink waxes for new and old snow complete the series. Compared to HF series gliders, the Rex Low Fluor Glider series are also slightly easier to apply.

442 LF Blue -2…-8°C A great all-rounder like all Rex blue paraffin’s. The LF Blue is a LF version of our HF Blue. A wax that we always use as a benchmark wax in our testing. The standard that all others are judged against.
443 LF Green -8…-20°C A hard and non-oily wax for the coldest temperatures.
441 LF Yellow +2…-2°C Hard for a yellow wax, but still easy to apply. A little bit softer than HF11 Yellow.
440 LF Pink / Old Snow +5…-15°C A specialty wax formulated for all kinds of old snow, from wet slush to icy crust. Suitable for a wide temperature range, as the snow type is more important than temperature. The wax is relatively hard, so it’s easiest to apply when you first rub the block onto hot iron, and then rub it to ski base.
444 LF Black / new snow +2…-12°C A graphite wax for new snow. Like the LF Pink, the LF Black has been formulated especially for the snow type rather than temperature. The hardness of the wax is between LF Blue and Yellow, as new snow requires a slightly softer wax for best glide.

Rex 456 LF Purple +2°…-4°C A sure choice for wet and polished track in just above or below freezing.

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442 LF Blue -2…-8°C, 443 LF Green -8…-20°C, 441 LF Yellow +2…-2°C, 440 LF Pink / Old Snow +5…-15°C, 444 LF Black / new snow +2…-12°C, Rex 456 LF Purple +2°…-4°C