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2018-2019 Rossignol X-Tour Venture Wax IFP Ski. Ski weight 1595 grams for 179cm. Side cut = 52-47-49 mm. Sizes 176cm (skier weight 105 – 125 lbs), 186cm (120 to 140 lbs) SOLD OUT, 191cm (135 to 155 lbs) SOLD OUT, 196cm (150 to 170 lbs), 201cm (165 – 185 lbs), 206 cm (180 lbs). . The traditionalist’s dream come true! The Rossignol X-Tour Venture is perfect for skiers who love the feel of a full length waxable touring ski, with modern features like cap construction and lightweight Wood Air core. These skis are stable enough for both in- and out-of-track skiing, making them perfect for just about any winter adventure. Longer than other recreational touring skis, the X-Tours offer good glide, while maintaining maneuverability with side cut. And because nothing skis like a well-waxed classic ski, the X-Tours are bound to make a lot of skiers very happy! Use on and off trail 60/40. These skis are built with an IFP plate (Integrated Fixation Plate), which allows all Turnamic-NNN bindings to slide right onto the skis and offers easy to use binding adjustability WITHOUT a key. Adjust the binding forward for more grip, and backward for more glide.  XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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