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Side Cut 54-48-52 mm. Sizes: 180cm (skier weight 99 to 132 lbs), 190cm (125 to 156 lbs), 200cm (150 to 187 lbs), 205cm (169 to 210+ lbs). The Sporten Favorit is a fun, recreational cross country ski for everyone from beginners to long time skiers. They offer great stability in machine-groomed tracks, and are wide enough to provide enough stability for most off-trail adventures as well. With the MulitiGrip Positive Base, the Favorit offers easy kick, superior climbing ability, and smooth glide. The Air Channel Poplar Core is very durable and responsive, and the side-cut makes them easy to control. Our staff loves how user-friendly and versatile this ski is, and the great glide is an extra plus! Use on and off trail 60/40. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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