Swix Cera F Solid, 20g

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Swix’s Cera F line of 100% fluoro solid block of wax (20g) are racing top-coats, which should be applied with a base wax of either LF or HF.

Cold Turbo FC6X6: 5F to 36F

Warm Turbo FC8X6: 28F to 59F

Uni Turbo FC8XWS: 25F to 40F

Wet Turbo FC10XWS: 32F to 68F

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Uni Turbo FC8XS (25 to 40F), Warm Turbo FC8XS (28 to 59F), Wet Turbo FC10XWS, Cold Turbo FC6XS (5 to 36F)


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