Swix HF Black Wolf Glidewax, 40g

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Swix’s HF Black Wolf line is a high flourinated race wax with a solid lubricant additive (BW) to reduce friction in very cold and/or very dirty old snow.

HFBW4 Green: -26F to 10F

HFBW5 Turquoise: 7F to 18F

HFBW6 Blue: 14F to 23F

HFBW7 Violet: 18F to 28F

HFBW8 Red: 25F to 39F

HFBW10 Yellow: 32F to 50F

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HF4BW Green (-26 to 10F), HF5BW Turquoise (7 to 18F), HF6BW Blue (14 to 23F), HF7BW Violet (18 to 28F), HF8BW Red (25 to 39F), HF10BW Yellow (32 50F)


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