Swix LF Glidewax, 180g


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Swix’s LF (Low Fluorocarbon) line of hot wax is a time-tested and proven glide wax for training and racing. Recommended as base layer for any High Flouro or Pure Fluoro top layers. 180g. Units are sold without lid and label.

LF4 Green: -26F to 10F

LF5 Turquoise: 7F to 18F

LF6 Blue: 14F to 23F

LF7 Violet: 18F to 28F

LF8 Red: 25F to 39F

LF10 Yellow: 32F to 50F

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LF4 Green (-26 to 10F), LF5 Turquoise (7 to 18F), LF6 Blue (14 to 23F), LF7 Violet (18 to 28F), LF8 Red (25 to 39F), LF10 Yellow (32 50F)