Swix Top Speed Powder 40g,


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Swix Top Speed Powder 40g

The TSP series are great powders for competition that work well in fresh, old or man made snow. This wax line is part of Swix’s fluoro-free racing glide wax system and is based on new speed additives that conform to their global sustainability strategy. Environmentally friendly and fit for racing and performance-oriented training. The Swix Top Speed Powder line is available with the following temperature ratings:

TSP05-4-10°C to -18°C (14 to 0° F) TSP5 is the hardest powder in the TSP line, and a great choice in cold conditions, both for alpine and cross country. It is loved by servicemen, due to its great durability and dry friction properties. It is made as a powder to make it easier to apply, with-out sacrificing the great glide properties. For fresh, old or artificial snow. The speed of the iron should be approx.8-10 sec. on a skating ski. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the powder. TSP5 can be used as a race powder alone or as a base for top coats.

TSP06-4-6°C to -12°C (21°F to 10°F) TSP6 is a very good powder for both alpine and cross country, which has shown great performance on artificial snow in addition to natural snow.

TSP08-4-4°C to +4°C (25°F to 39°F) TSP8 has a softness and racing formula that makes it perfect in conditions on both sides of the freezing point.

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TS5 Turquoise (14F to 0F), TS6 Blue (21F to 10F), TS8 Red (25F to 39F)