Toko Structurite Nordic Kit (blue, red, yellow rollers) CASE


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Toko Structurite Nordic Kit (2x blue, 2x red, 2x yellow rollers) WITH CASE

Toko Structurite Nordic Kit is an ergonomically shaped surface structuring device with interchangeable structure roller for easy structuring of the running surface of cross country skis. Structuring significantly improves the sliding properties of skis. As a kit, the device is supplied with all three rollers (yellow/red/blue) and ensures optimally structured skis in all snow conditions and temperatures.

Yellow Roller: Snow temp 21F to 32F.  Course X-structure for warm and/or wet snow.

Red Roller: Snow temp 10F to 25F. Medium Diagonal structure for medium snow temperatures.

Blue Roller: Snow temp -22F to 14F. Fine Linear structure for cold and/or course and/or artificial snow.

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