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2020 USSPC Northern Lite Poles

Unites States Ski Pole Company (USSPC) Northern Lite Poles.  MADE IN AMERICA!  Lengths: 130cm – 180cm (sold as a kit, which we cut down to size for you). This is USSPC’s best all-around pole. Carefully constructed with softer carbon for durability and performance. Overall, this pole weighs in at 168 grams at 160cm with all the components. Features ergonomic foam grip, carbide tip with “quick clip basket” making it easy to exchange basket different sizes for different snow conditions (only Medium baskets included), or you can remover the basket for roller skiing.  The most noticeable feature on all USSPC poles are their famous straps: the most comfortable straps on the market today due to their wide body and high-quality thermal properties.  Also, they are the only straps on the market that have a macro-sizing adjustment as well as the standard hand adjustment.

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