Swix “VR” Kick Wax, 45g


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Swix’s VR waxes are fluorinated and made for top racing, but have also proved interesting for Recreational and Sport skiers because of excellent properties.  These hardwaxes are characterized by a high degree of flexibility.

VR30 Light Blue: New Snow -4F to 19F, Old Snow -22F to 14F

VR40 Blue: New Snow 18F to 28F, Old Snow 10F to 25F

VR45 Flexi Light Violet: New Snow 25F to 32F, Old Snow 18F to 28F

VR50 Violet: New Snow 28F to 34F, Old Snow 23F to 32F

VR55 Violet Soft: New Snow 32F to 36F, Old Snow 27F to 32F

VR62 Red/Yellow Kisterwax Hard: New Snow 32F to 38F, Old Snow 28F to 34F

VR65 Red/Yellow/Silver: New Snow 32F to 38F, Old Snow 30F to 34F

VR70 Red Kisterwax: New Snow 34F to 38F, Old Snow 32F to 36F

VR75 Yellow Klisterwax Soft: New Snow 36F to 41F

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VR75 Yellow "Klisterwax Soft", VR65 Red Yellow Silver, VR62 Red/Yellow "Klisterwax Hard", VR60 Silver, VR55 Violet Soft, VR50 Violet, VR45 Light Violet "Flexi", VR40 Blue, VR30 Light Blue, VR70 Red "Klisterwax"