XC Ski HQ Hiking Trails

Spring and Summer Hours: Open By Appointment

The snow has melted (well, almost…), and we have entered into Off-Season Mode for the spring and summer. While we do not keep regular hours during this time, we know that your ski questions and nordic needs do not necessarily go away just because the flowers are in bloom. So, we are happy to meet you for shopping and ski care by appointment. Just give us a call at 800-832-6663 and we’ll set up a time to meet you at the shop, or we can usually meet you right away if needed.

The ski trails are open for hiking, biking, dog walking, and the like all throughout the off-season. We work like busy little beavers all summer to get ready for when the snow flies, so if you drive by and see the “Open” flag out, feel free to stop in! You can even try out some of our Nordic Walking poles on the trails – they are an excellent upper body strengthening, posture improving, and calorie burning addition to your normal walking routine.

Starting in mid-June, our webstore gets updated with next year’s products, which you can preorder at that time. Give us a call with any questions, and be sure to put our Labor Day Weekend Clearance Sale on your calendar!

All the best,

Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Erin, Matt, Missy, Gill, Katrina, Annie, Josh, Grant, Brian, Michelle, Mike, Butch, Tony, Donnie, and the rest of the XC Ski HQ crew