Trail Report – Wednesday March 21, 2012

[flickr]photo:6856409904[/flickr]What a heat wave we have had! The trails are snow free and trail maintenance supervisor Stu has been cleaning debris off the high ground trails for the past few days.

Stu reports that this may be the best time this spring to be in the forest, hiking, pole walking, biking or running because there are no bugs yet!

All the trails, except the Wild Turkey trail, are open to the public during the spring, summer and fall except during firearm deer season. Please park in the Ski HQ parking lot when going out on the trails.

We will keep regular hours (10am – 5pm) through Sunday, March 23. After that we will be open “when the sign is out” or by appointment. Just call 800 832 2663 to be sure we will be there. Of course you can always shop from our website and order over the phone or our online store, which is getting updated daily. Just go to