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What’s new for Winter 2019: Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax, Sporten Favorit No-Wax, and more…

Is it too early to start thinking about ski season? We didn’t think so. Here’s what to watch for this winter in the world of cross country ski equipment. In 2019, it’s all about fun!

Skin Skis continue to gain popularity

From the elite racing world to the recreational beginner category, skin skis are still on the rise. The Fischer Twin Skin Speedmax is sure to rock some boats on the race course, with Fischer’s award winning cold-base bonding joining up with its patented Twin Skin technology.

Further down the line is the high-performance yet super affordable Atomic C1 Skintec, as well as the Salomon Aero 9 Skin, and the tried-and-true Fischer Twin Skin Superlite. With side cuts all around 48mm, all three of these sporty skis are sure to be a hoot this year.

On the purely recreational side, check out the Rossignol R-Ski Evolutions. A touring profile makes them easy to maneuver and a ton of fun in and out of the tracks.

Recreational No-Wax Skis are more affordable than ever

The Sporten Favorit is, well, a favorite this winter. It is durable, responsive, stable, and has a positive no-wax base for maximum ease of use. The entire package is currently 27% off at just under $260, making it one of the best values for a beginner cross country ski that we have seen.

Skate Skiing is still the pinnacle of fun

There is simply nothing like gliding out on firmly packed snow atop a well waxed pair of skate skis. With so many options, there’s no reason you can’t find the perfect package!

Shop our full line of 2019 cross country ski packages, and lock in a winter of fun!