Fischer Speedmax 3D 61K Skate Skis

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Weight: 1030 grams for 186cm. World Cup side cut 41-44-44. Sizes 176cm, 181cm, 186cm, and 191cm in Medium and Stiff flexes. We hand-pick the best pair of skis based on the specific skier’s height, weight and ability to ensure optimum performance. Designed for use in soft snow conditions, the Speedmax 3D Skate 61K offers more pressure relief at the ski tip and tail for speed in soft tracks. Built with all the key Speedmax features including Gliding Sidewalls to reduce friction, and Cold Base Bonding, a process that applies the base without heat and pressure for optimal wax absorption and grind-ability. This model carries the Fischer RACE CODE designation confirming the ski is built to World Cup standards. Skating 61K mold was built specifically for soft snow conditions with shorter contact points than the Speedmax’s traditional 610 mold, and resulting in even more pressure relief at the ski tips and tails.  Despite being designed for softer snow conditions, the experienced skier will find this ski to be especially fast in all snow conditions, albeit less stable in more compact snow.

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