Fischer Turnamic World Cup Skate IFP Binding


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Fischer Turnamic World Cup Skate IFP Bindings

These lightweight bindings (215g), which slide onto an IFP pre-mounted plate (not included), are intuitive and easy to use. Wide binding plate and secure, manual binding attachment allow for maximum power transfer to the skis. Added stabilizer on the World Cup Skate bindings give it an edge for absolute best stability and power transmission. Safe Lock lever prevents inadvertent opening during race action.  Manual entry and exit. With quick, tool-free adjustment capability, they are easy to adjust forward and back for optimal performance in every snow condition and terrain. Ski tips feel squirrely? No problem, simply move the binding forward! Not enough glide or are tips digging? Just slide the binding back. This is binding technology at its finest. Fischer Turnamic World Cup Skate IFP bindings are compatible with all NNN, Prolink or Turnamic boots. Sold as a pair.

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