Skin Skis: Why this No-Wax Revolution is on the Rise

Much of the buzz in the nordic world these days is about skin skis. Why are they gaining popularity? What, if anything, makes them better than traditional no-wax skis? Which ones are right for you? Here’s some information to get you started!

Fischer Twin Skin © Fischer Sports GmbH

Skin Skis: What you Need to Know

Ever since Atomic introduced their Skintec technology (teflon-infused synthetic mohair grip section) 5 years ago, every other ski company has been trying to improve upon the idea. Though skin skis were popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s, they never truly reached critical mass, primarily because ski production at the time was not quite sophisticated enough. Years later, after major advances in ski construction and manufacturing technology, skins are making a serious resurgence, and we fully expect the category to keep growing!

Skin skis started out as just a bridge between waxable skis and fish-scaled skis, and was marketed mostly as a racing trainer or high performance recreational ski. However, as modern skin technology continues to prove itself with flying colors, we are seeing it trickle down into more recreational skis, as well as up into high-performance race skis.

Why a Skin Ski instead of a Traditional No-Wax Ski?

Skins skis have an edge over traditional (or “fish scale” style) no-wax bases in two important scenarios, the first of which is icy and/or manmade snow conditions. The synthetic mohair that makes up the skin is especially good at gripping icy snow, where a traditional no-wax base might slip. Skin skis also excel in warmer snow temps when there is fresh snow, and when a dreaded “ice clump” might form on the bases of traditional skis. A third bonus is that they don’t make any buzzing sound when glidling downhills or striding on flats – a feature loved by many skin skiers!

Skin Skis to Watch For:

Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Classic

Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Cross Country Ski Package

New this year from Fischer is arguably the fastest skin ski available, the Twin Skin Carbon.  In addition to the two staggered skin strips and variable base skin depths for smoother glide, the Twin Skin Carbon features Carbon Pro Tip & Tail, Air Core Carbon, and carbon fiber laminate throughout; all of which reduce weight and optimize swing behavior. It also has a slightly smaller skin grip zone than other skin skis, which further improves glide. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these on some podiums this year! Get the complete package for $724.06 (list $959.99), or call us for our special sale price on skis only.

Salomon Aero 9 Skin

Salomon’s Aero 9 ski provides superior glide in the world of skin skis. Short grip zone provides long, smooth glide phase with no drag, and rewards a good weight shift for grip. The Salomon Aero 9 skis get you close to the performance of a waxable ski, and are too much fun on groomed or skied-in tracks. Complete package for $409.75 (list $619.99), or skis only for $265.95 (list $375).

As you can see, skin skis are making waves, and for good reason! Call 800-832-2663 for more information, or to order by phone. Of course, when the snow flies, you can demo these skin skis for free!

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