XC Ski HQ Quote IconI just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your business. Last year I had questions about the two ski packages I was interested in. Before buying I called and received very helpful information and my wife and I were both extremely pleased with our skis this past winter. I called twice this summer about buying two more packages for my sons and spoke with Gillian each time. Again, she was fantastic and really helped me through the fitting and buying process. I cannot say enough about how grateful I was for her assistance. I have recommended your company to friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for supporting your customers and selling a quality products at a fair price!

Shane L. from South Williamsport, PA

I just wanted to say thank you again for the expertise and help in buying an entire new ski package yesterday. I learned a lot! You helped me narrow down through email what I should be looking for based on my experience/needs. Once in the store you could not have been more helpful. Finding help like you provided is a rare commodity anymore in today’s day and age. It was completely worth the 5 hours in the car yesterday to purchase skis through the Cross Country Ski HQ. I told my wife in the car on the way home that those are “good people.” I intend to bring my daughters up this winter and ski your trails! And to top it off the VASA 50k Champ waxed my new skis! Read that in the newsletter.

Bob D. from Grand Rapids, MI

I don’t usually write recommendations but felt compelled to do so after my experience at Cross Country Ski Headquarters.

I had shopped down state at the usual so called ski shops. I was disappointed in the knowledge of those folks. I found Cross Country Ski Headquarters, two hours north of our home, and found exactly what I was looking for. People who know their stuff. My wife and I had antiquated equipment from 30 years ago and were in need of a serious upgrade. Mariah was able to provide the knowledge, expertise in a friendly, nice, pleasant manner that made our experience very enjoyable.

Mike and Michele Ostrowski

Purchasing from your company has been excellent. I placed an order for X-Country ski pants and the person filling the order actually noticed they were exceptionally short and called BEFORE sending them out to me saving all of us additional expense and time lost. Then, when there was a return of the size I was looking for they called to see if I was still interested in placing the order. I was! I now have a pair of pants in just the right size at a very fair price. The package was shipped the day the order was placed and I was able to enjoy the pants through the last two snowstorms in the Northeast. I will definitely purchase from this company in the future!

Gail Johnson

Thanks, Mariah, and others for your assistance yesterday (Tuesday, 2/11) in providing me with a great package – Rossignol Evo x-c skis, bindings, boots and poles, and for the quick ‘how to get up after falling’ lesson outside. I appreciate all the special attention paid to my wife and I!  Hoping to return to ski again soon!

Bob VanEvery

Just received my backcountry ski package and love it! The boots fit perfectly and the skis are gorgeous. I will be out on the trail tomorrow (or blazing my own) and I hope to get a couple hours of skiing in b/f the rain hits us. Thank you for shipping them out so quickly. The gentleman who helped me pick out the right skis for me was great. I wish I could tell you his name to recognize his great service, but unfortunately I didn’t write it down. Thank you! Thank you! And let it snow!!!!!!!

Brenda Engels

Thank you very much, Stu, for all your help, support and kindness!  I am very impressed and grateful for what you, folks, at Cross Country Ski Headquarters are offering and doing.  I have placed the orders for the Atomic skin modules today.

I have read the history of the company in your website, I have to confess to you, with real emotion, as by the time when Bob and Lynne Frye have founded it, I was in my twenties in my native Romania, dreaming only about nordic skiing.  Some TV transmission from the Olympics of that time, loving to see on the screen the “ballet” of the skiers, but not able to find equipment in the stores and places to practice this wonderful sport, which is much more than a sport, it is a lifestyle!  It has been at that time, as far as I remember, only a small region in the east of Transylvania, where people have been able to obtain nordic skis from relatives and friends in Hungary or Austria. I have not lived in that region, and my connection with skiing has been through the alpine skiing in some resorts in the Carpathian Mountains, north from Bucharest, the capital of the country.  As I am now living in this incredible beautiful west side of Colorado, I consider myself blessed to have Grand Mesa Nordic Council so close to my house in Grand Junction!  As well, nordic skiing areas in Aspen, Snowmass, Vail, Ouray, Telluride, Steamboat and several other places around.  Grand Mesa Nordic Council, with ~50 km trails at 10 000 feet altitude, is for me the jewel in the crown!  As well, like your place, founded and maintained by the enthusiasm of people!  I would like to have the chance, one day, to ski at your resort, and to feel being part of your skiing community!  So far, I have registered to your website and I have created an account, as a sign of my admiration for what you, folks, are doing in Roscommon!  In the future, I will ask you for advise and I will look for new equipment when I will need something, in your wonderful website!  Congratulations for your work and  professionalism, thank you for your friendly help!

Tiberiu from Colorado

I was there on Jan 1, 2014.  Had questions on some old skis and out from around a corner comes this man, Bob.  Wow, he had a ton of information!  Thankfully he knows his “stuff”.  I walked in thinking I was getting new bindings & boots, & I walked out with a brand new set of skis, boots, bindings & poles.  He hand wrote on the receipt, “Must love skis” and I just wanted to let him know I tried them out yesterday here at home & loved them.  Thank you, Bob for knowing your sport.

Kelly T. National City, MI

A quick note to let you know I skied the Birkie on the Atomic Team Classics I bought from you via the Internet. The skis worked great and the poles (Yoko’s) were perfect. The package did the job.

I am 68 years old and am an old motocross motorcycle racer with the bad knees to prove it but our phone conversations got everything dialed in correctly for me and I got my first timers medallion.

Both my son’s also skid the race so it was a family finish. I was overjoyed as I skied down the main street of Hayward to complete the race. 34 miles on the classic trail.

Your help was invaluable. I would not have made it without you.

Bill Shockley Tomahawk, Wisconsin

My thanks to Lynne for setting me up with a new pair of Rossignol Evo’s. Absolutely love them! Great service, friendly staff, laid back atmosphere, and wonderful trails. All good reasons I will keep returning.

Mark DuCharme

Just wanted to drop a note expressing my appreciation for the service you provided my family. The impromptu lessons we got when we first rented gear from your facilty was unexpected but very much well recieved. Thanks for teaching us how to put our skis on and how to get up when we fall. Your cordial approach to customer service is excellent and we experienced this when we purchased our ski packages from your shop. Your facility and trails are very inviting and family friendly. We hope to go back before the season is ends. Again, thank you so much.

Alan, Angel, Alanna, and Sophia

Thank you so much for all the help yesterday. I really appreciate you working with me to get the boot situation straightened out.  It is great customer service and your ( and all the people who work there ) expertise that makes the difference in being successful all these years. People can buy equipment anywhere, but they can only get the personal service you get at the Cross Country Ski Headquarters  from you and your staff. Please tell your  Mom and Dad for me that they can be assured that the shop is in good hands when you are in charge.


I just wanted to drop an email to follow up on my visit on the 29th of December. What a great time my daughter and I had during our day trip from Grand Rapids to Roscommon!  Thanks to you, your Dad, and your ski techs for getting me in to my first pair of waxable skis.  What an incredible difference in glide compared to my 17 y.o. pair of nowax skis! I really didn’t know what I was missing.

My nine year-old daughter and I had a wonderful time at your lodge and on the trails – her first time on groomed trails. The bonfire that evening and skiing back in by moonlight was the perfect cap on a fantastic day. She, however, asked to take a few more runs down your terrain park hills before we loaded up in the car for the three hour drive home.

We’re looking forward to our next opportunity to make it back up. The daily trail reports continue to make me envious of your local patrons.

Jon Clausen Grand Rapids

A couple of weekends ago, my wife, Jessy, came to you complaining of some difficulties getting kick on her waxable classic skis, and a feeling of instability. You suggested the binding may be too far back, and tested the flex on your camber tester, and moved the binding 2ish cm forward based on the results.

It made a HUGE difference. Not even the same ski. No fighting for kick. No feeling ‘wobbly’. Still excellent glide. You COULD have just sold us new skis, but, instead you fixed what we had. That’s integrity, and I very much appreciate it. (We bought some new skis anyway– Atomic Team Posigrips, because we ski on a lot of debris down here).


This thanks goes for everyone at the Ski Headquarters but especially for Bob And Lynn for helping me select my second pair of skis from your shop…by telephone!!!

Three years ago you helped me into a new pair of Rossi Evo Tours that I skii’d the bottoms off in the woods around home. You said the Rossi’s would be a beautiful trail ski and you were so right.

When I needed special hard wax last year for the sticky snows we had in northern Wisconsin you were there with a solution before any of the local ski shops got things figured out.

So this year when my kids signed me up for the Birkie and and my Evo’s didn’t cut it on groomed tracks I needed a recommendation for track skiis I had to to get expert, no nonsense advice fast. With your help and after a long discussion of my aging body’s needs, I placed my order for a pair of Atomic Team Classic Posi-grips with the certainty that the new skis will be spot on.

I cant wait to ski them.


Thank you for your hospitality when we visited your establishment. For a novice like me your friendliness made my cross country ski adventure a lot more fun and memorable. Also, thanks for not making too much fun of me when my companions had this city girl convinced there were moose and wolverines looking in the “wilderness” waiting to attack as I skied by. I hope to make a return visit next year.


As Barb and I sit in front of the TV, watching Outdoor Network and Nordic Skiing, holding our skis in our hands, we very fondly remember our great trip and all the nice people we met. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful memories. We’ll be back!

Bob and Barb

I really enjoyed myself, your hospitality was great, the lessons and just your whole staff made for a memorable trip.


I am very glad I took the long drive up to your ski shop. Everyone shared their wealth of knowledge, tips and science of skis. I appreciate the time you spent with me, and your family’s hospitality.


I have really enjoyed shopping at Cross Country Ski Headquarters! Good advice, good selection, the opportunity to try out ski equipment before buying, combined with excellent, friendly service are unbeatable. The trip from Southern Michigan is worth it because of the quality and selection you offer.


Thank you for your hospitality. My stay in the Roscommon area was a pleasant experience, mainly due to your facility where I was made to feel so much at home. It was very relaxing, and a place in which new friendships were made. Hope to return next year.


Just want to thank you for the time you took with me yesterday in selecting my Atomic Team Classic Posi-grip skis. I really appreciate your taking the time to check the flex as I was looking to meet some fairly specific criteria. Your knowledgeable and personal approach is really appreciated!

Hopefully I’ll be able to visit your shop in person one of these days,
Thanks again!


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful hospitality we received during my visit at XC SKI HQ on January 8th.

My husband and I came up from South Bend, Indiana to ski your trails but they were all ice. So I shopped instead. I bought Fischer combi boots from the young lady who is very kind and patient. I was able to ski 2 hours straight this past Sunday at our local trail system and I Love the Boots! Thank You young lady!

Also you let us take out the new adventure skies. So I have been telling our friends here about how impressed I was with those and your hospitality.


The Salomon Equipe 9 Aeros have been well received, great job, thank you! I have already tried them and they work great.


I wanted you to know that I received my Alpina Red Tail Ski Package on Saturday 4/14/12. We still have some winter left, so I was able to try them out and I have to say, they are super! The shorter skis seem to work real well for us out here in Western Alaska as we use them for ski joring. With the bindings and the boots (that fit perfectly) I have even more control than I did before and didn’t even realize it. I hardly have to look at my skis while going down the trail, cause I know exactly what’s happening with them. I tried to replace my older perfect back-country Rossginol skies but they have since changed to a longer wider version that just did not work. You took the time to hear what I was saying and sent me exactly what I wanted and I am glad I did not settle for less.

I am already looking forward to the next season, but will try and enjoy our spring and summer first as it has been a long hard winter in Alaska this year. I will pass on to anyone who asks for any information about your company as I just could not be happier. This package should last me a long time, but in the future, should I be in the market for another set of skis, I will be checking with you first.

Lea Ann Salzbrun

Thanks for your expert advice (and patience!) in helping me find a suitable pair of backcountry boots for our Norway trip. The Rossignol BC-XC5 Boots worked fine for me and I stayed blister-free. Dieter and I really enjoyed our skiing experience in Norway.


I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you. I live in SW Montana, somewhere between Helena, Big Sky and Bozeman. I’ve been skiing for 50 years and felt that I had all the gear I would ever need for the rest of my life. I raised three racers’ both alpine and XC. I recently moved to a rural area of Montana and don’t miss what used to be referred to as hills and trails that have become towns and resorts. I went BC skiing last week in somewhat new terrain for me and realized I needed a different XC ski set up. I want to be able to jump out of my truck w/ my dogs and just go crunch thru some junky snow when I feel like it. I spent a few days talking to local ski shops, friends, REI etc. and was very frustrated by the entire charade. I googled the ski type I was looking for and found you guys. Some of the most sincere and helpful people I have ever met are from Michigan. I called your shop and Gillian answered. She understood my frustration, was considerate and polite. She spent over a half hour with me, some random person from out west. In any case she walked me through the process and helped me to pick out a new BC setup. I just want to thank her and all you guys for the support.

Chris Three Forks, MT

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