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Ski weight = 1260 grams for size 194cm. Side cut 48-44-46 mm. Sizes 179cm, 184cm, 189cm, 194cm, 199cm, 204cm. Skis are hand packed by flex and length to match each skier in order guarantee optimal performance.  These lightweight Fischer skis combine the easy power transfer of the Efficient Forward construction with the secure grip of the Twin Skin. This makes for an incredibly fun ski that grips and climbs exceedingly well, and glides similar to a waxable ski.  Fisher’s Efficient Forward (EF) ski construction adds elasticity to the body of the ski. This means better kick with less effort – something every skier can appreciate! Twin Skin technology uses a durable, 70% Mohair skin blend in place of their crown no-wax kick pattern, which provides reliable grip, less noise, and no ice build-up. What makes the Twin Skin different from other “skin” technology is the dual, staggered skin strips on the ski base. This staggered design causes less initial friction with the snow, and creates a smoother glide phase. Fischer’s Air Core Basalite core makes the SuperLites skis very lightweight and consistent, and WC Pro base glides easily no matter the snow conditions. Fischer’s most popular Superlite design combined with revolutionary Skin technology is a home run! Use on and off trail 80/20. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

List Price: $325

SALE PRICE: $267.95


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