Rex “RG” Series Spray Glider 150 ml,


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Rex “RG” Series Spray Glider 150 ml

The fastest fluor-free glide waxes from Rex. A successor for the original G Spray series, the new Rex “RG” Series Spray Glider is the next step in the evolution of World Cup Racing category of Rex glide waxes.

How does it work?

With the RG-series we are launching our N-Kinetic Level 2 hydrophobic technology, which has been under development since the launch of our HF- and G- series sprays in 2018. Rex N-KINETIC™ level 2 hydrophobic technology offers superior fluor-free performance in all skiing conditions.  In all glide tests, the performance of of RG sprays has exceeded our original, and already class-leading G Spray series. Rex N-KINETIC™ 2 is non-toxic, dirt-repellent and ultra-fast! Likewise to our HF and G Sprays, they are the most wax-containing liquid gliders on the market and do not need hot waxing to support their durability. Fills small imperfections in base material like hot wax, reconditions and replenishes. Never has Rex non-fluorinated wax been this fast. With the ample 150 ml aerosol packaging, you can wax up to 40 skis with a single can. (188 cm skating ski).

4664 RG21 Yellow Spray +10…-2°C For all snow types. The softest wax on RG -series. Compared to traditional warm condition gliders the RG12 is relatively hard and not so oily wax.

4674 RG22 Blue Spray -2…-12°C For all snow types. Developed for mild to medium frosts, the RG22 is our all time fastest fluor free wax! Developed especially as an under-layer for top coatings, but works extremely well also as a final layer.

4694 RG22G “New Snow” Spray +2…-12°C Engineered especially for new snow. Contains a precisely defined amount of graphite. Hardness is positioned between RG12 Yellow and RG22 Blue.

4654 RG42 UHW Pink/Green +5…-20°C For old snow, artificial snow and coarse snow in +5…-20°C temperatures, and also for new snow when it’s really cold. RG42 is a durable wax for the most abrasive conditions. The special UHW™ ultra-hard polymer wax blend of RG42 is so hard that it is only possible to apply in liquid form.

What makes a wax fast, durable and easy to apply?

Rex UHW™ is an ultra-hard polymer wax blend for the most abrasive conditions. It is only possible to apply in liquid form. Forms a strong bond with the UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) base material used in race skis, ensuring good durability. Rex N-KINETIC™ is the name of our fluorocarbon free dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing technologies. Now in 4 different performance levels, all the way to 100% N-Kinetic top coatings that offer performance similar to fluorocarbon coatings. Rex POWER POLYMERS™ is a new generation polymer wax blend that forms a strong bond with the UHMWPE base material used in race skis, ensuring good durability. The core of our liquid wax technology. Advanced 2-STEP CARRIER™ -solvent combined with special manufacturing process, enable the temporary liquid state transformation of new generation polymer waxes. A liquid wax without compromises.

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4654 Pink 42, 4664 Yellow 12, 4674 Blue 22, 4694 Graphite 22