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ROSSIGNOL EVO Tour XT 60 Positrack IFP NO-WAX SKIS w/ turnamic Tour binding

Model Year 2021/22. Ski weight 1340 grams for size 175cm. Side cut 60-50-55 mm. Sizes 165cm (skier weight 100 lbs to 120 lbs), 175cm (120 to 150 lbs), 185cm (150 to 180 lbs), and 195cm (180 to 230+ lbs). The Rossignol Evo Tour XT 60 Positrack is our best selling cross country ski because it is light, gets great glide, and is incredibly versatile. Soft tips provide enhanced flotation and almost effortless glide in all snow conditions. These skis are similar to the Rossignol Evo Tour R-Skin XC 60 skis, except that they have the traditional, time-tested, Positrack “fish-scale” grip zone instead of a mohair R-Skin grip zone. The Positrack grip pattern gets great traction and is highly durable, which gives it a slight edge on the R-Skin base for off-track adventures. Due to the Active Cap, wood core construction, and mid-length design, the Evo Tour XT 60 Positracks are responsive, stable, and easy to control. The Evo Tour XT 60 Positracks are ideal for downhill crossover skiers, or anyone who thinks nordic skiing is too much work! Use on and off trail 50/50. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating 5 out of 5 stars.  These skis come with the Integrated Fixation Plate and come premounted with the Turnamic Tour slide on binding. These bindings are a step-in binding with a manual release and adjust easily for more grip or more glide.

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165cm, 175cm, 185cm, 195cm