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Rossignol Evo R-Skin XC 55 No-Wax Skis

Model Year 2023/24. Ski weight 1318 grams for size 175cm. Side cut 55-48-52 mm. Sizes 165cm (skier weight 90 to 120 lbs), 175cm (120 to 150 lbs), 185cm (150 to 180 lbs), and 195cm (180 to 230+ lbs). Rossignol Evo R-Skin 55 skis are similar to the Rossignol Evo XT 60 Positracks, except that they are 5mm narrower, and they have a mohair R-Skin grip zone instead of a traditional “fish-scale” grip zone, offering better glide and more speed. They also have a slightly higher quality base material at tip and tale for increased glide. The R-Skin grip zone features a replaceable mohair insert embedded into the ski base, allowing for enhanced, quiet glide (no zipping noise) and consistent kick in most every snow condition. The Active Cap, wood core construction, and mid-length design make the R-Skin XC 55’s responsive, stable, and easy to control. Use on and off trail 70/30. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Comes installed and ready-to-ski with Turnamic Control Step-In bindings.  Wide binding plate and secure binding attachment allow for maximum power transfer to the skis. With quick, tool-free adjustment capability, they are easy to adjust forward and back for optimal performance, regardless of snow condition or terrain. No grip? No problem, simply move the binding forward! Not enough glide? Just slide the binding back. This is binding technology at its finest. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4½ out of 5 stars.

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