Toko Structurite Nordic (w/ Red Roller)


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Toko Structurite Nordic (w/ Red Roller)

Apart from the ski itself and the wax, the coating structure also has a significant influence on the gliding properties of cross-country skis. With a hand structure device such as the Toko Structurite Nordic Red, a structure can be embossed in the running surface of the ski in an easy way.

Drive the Structurite Nordic over the ski once or twice with regulated pressure. The amount of pressure and the number of repetitions that are required depends on the composition of the coating. The structure must be finely visible in the coating. More pressure means a more pronounced structure, less means a finer one. As a finishing touch brush the structure with a soft polishing brush at low pressure.

This tool is the Structurite Nordic and comes with the Red Rollers 1.0 Screw Left and Right. It does not contain the Blue or Yellow rollers which can be purchased separately or in the Structurite Nordic Kit.

Yellow: X-structure for warm and wet snow conditions. Coarse structure.
Red: diagonal structure for mid snow temperatures. Medium structure.
Blue: linear structure for cold conditions, as well as for coarse snow and artificial snow. Fine structure.

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