V2 Shock Absorbing Roller Ski Ferrule GEN5 (fits 9 to 11mm)


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V2 Shock Absorbing Roller Ski Ferrule GEN5

To be as durable as the carbide tip, the end of the bolt had to be harder than silica. There is no metal hard enough and tungsten carbide bolts are cost prohibitive for this application. Our solution was to machine a cavity in the head of a stainless-steel bolt and encapsulate a 5mm alumina ball. Al2O3, is as hard as tungsten carbide and has a very low coefficient of friction. The ball shape also lowers sliding friction reducing the abrasive wear from the silica in the road. Durability data on springs showed that the stiffer, smaller diameter springs might fatigue before the carbide tip wore down. For highly stressed springs fatigue life is hard to predict. Some springs can last a long time while others in the same manufacturing lot have a much shorter life span. Because of this unpredictability every pair of V2 shock absorbing roller ski G5 ferrules comes with two extra springs.

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