V2 Shock Absorbing Roller Ski Ferrule GEN3 (fits 9 to 11mm)


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V2 Shock Absorbing Roller Ski Ferrule

V2 has a worldwide reputation for their durable, high-performing roller ski ferrules. They tried many different carbide formulations before they found the best compromise between hardness and strength. Carbide is very brittle, and if not securely held in the plastic housing the tip can easily break. They developed geometry between the carbide tip and plastic that for over twenty years has been bullet proof. When they decided to make a shock-absorbing ferrule, they knew from experience that spring loading the carbide tip was not the answer. They wanted the shock-absorbing feature to be independent of the carbide tip. The major advantage is that if the shock absorbing spring should fail, the carbide tip remains intact and the skier is still able to pole. V2 Shock Absorbing Roller Ski Ferrule fits 9 to 11mm poles.

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