The Spider Bite

How an unsuspecting speedster succumbed to the bite of the Spider
Written by XC Ski HQ Shop owner, Mariah Frye Colie

Over the years, the HQ crew has developed a deep love for, and loyalty to, a handful of certain skis. These tend to be skis that have a wide application and high enjoyment rate, and whose design is difficult to improve upon. One of these skis is the Fischer Spider 62.

There is so much to like about the Spider: full metal edge for maximum control, low- maintenance no-wax base, lightweight design, and narrow construction for occasional groomed-trail use. They make sense for so many people, and apply to a wide range of skiers – not just “careful club” skiers.

For example, after demoing a pair of Spiders at our shop, a 30-something year old man came back in, steamed glasses sitting atop rosy cheeks, and told me that, for the five years he’d been cross country skiing, he had never felt like he could actually “do it”, until that day when he tried the Spiders. And just like that, someone’s life expanded – all thanks to a great pair of skis.

Even so, I was surprised to see a shiny new pair of Fischer Spider 62’s with my name on them underneath the Christmas tree last year. Surprised, because I don’t usually receive gifts from my own ski shop for Christmas. But doubly surprised because, well, I didn’t think I needed them. Thanks to starting my skiing career at age two, I have a lot of “built in” stability, and tend to gravitate towards skinny, even slippery skis (read: I like to go fast). Metal edged skis, for me? Even lightweight metal-edged skis like the Spiders seemed like they’d just sit in the garage, collecting dust.

It wasn’t until shortly after last Christmas, when I skied the rough little two-track trail behind my house with my new Spiders, that I realized how much fun I had been missing – how much fun was POSSIBLE out there! I am not exaggerating when I say that, in most conditions (which were marginal last winter), the Spiders glided just as well as the lighter, edge-less skis, and the increase in control actually contributed to MORE glide. Not to mention the ease of turning down the hilly sections, and the nimbleness that the shorter length affords (Spiders run about 6-10cm shorter than most recreational classic skis). I got bit by the Spiders at last, and I couldn’t be happier.

So, just when you thought we couldn’t promote the Spiders any more, here you go. Don’t think you’ll use them? Think again. 🙂

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