Where to Ski in Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan Cross Country Skiing Guide

Check out these favorite Northern Michigan XC ski trails on this interactive map.  Just click on the map to learn more about each destination, all within 90 miles of Cross Country Ski Headquarters!

Where to XC Ski in Northern Michigan

For more information on trails that are groomed regularly, the Great Lakes Winter Trails Council is a great source of information on groomed trails in all of lower Michigan. 

HEadiNg further north? take a trip to Stokely Creek. 

Stokely Creek is a one-of-a-kind destination for Cross Country Skiing. Head 3 hours north of XC Ski HQ into Canada to immerse in world-class skiing, incredible scenery, plus great food and lodging.

From Stokely owners, Gaylen and Susan Byker:

“Ten years ago, when we first purchased Stokely Creek Lodge, we stopped at the Cross Country Ski Headquarters. It was great to meet Bob and Lynne (and now Mariah and Stu). They knew all about Stokely from their customers, but hadn’t had the chance to visit for themselves. Finally, a couple years ago, Bob, Lynne, Mariah and Stu made it a point to break away from their busy schedules to experience Stokely firsthand. At dinner the first night at Stokely’s resort, they realized that many of our guests had bought their skis, snowshoes, or clothes at their shop.”

Stokely’s overnight resort is located just over the Michigan boarder in Goulais River, Ontario (about 3 hours from XC Ski HQ). Stokely guests come from all over the world to enjoy 100k of varied world class ski trails, and 25 km of designated snowshoe trails on 12,000 acres, which extend to the top of King Mountain.

Check out Stokely’s website to learn more about:

  1. All-inclusive lodging
  2. Events: *All six huts in one day, *Beat King Mt on skis or snowshoes, *Hut to Hut, * End of season winter party on the trails
  3. Map and photos of our extensive trail system which circle 9 undeveloped lakes and mountain top views of Lake Superior.