Fast Wax High Speed HSX Paste 60g


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Fast Wax High Speed HSX Paste 60g

Fast Wax HSX Paste wax is a sophisticated paste wax, which is applied to ski bases and rubbed in with a heat-generating felt pad (sold separately here). The wax is then brushed out of the bases, and the skis are ready to go! This is an ideal wax for skiers who either don’t want to invest in a full wax bench and iron set, don’t have the time to hot wax, or don’t want to risk damaging their skis with a hot iron. This environmentally friendly (non-fluoro) paste wax performs better and makes skis faster than any other no-iron wax we’ve seen, and is as durable as a fluoronated iron-in wax. Fast Wax HSX Paste wax can be used on skate skis as well as high performance classic skis on the tips and tails, and typically lasts an average of 20 kilometers. Perfect for High School and citizen racers, as well as recreational skiers who appreciate real glide.

HSX 10: Green 5° to 15° F

HSX 20: Blue 12° to 30° F

HSX 30: Red 22° F to 38° F

HSX 40:Yellow 32° F to 50° F

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HSX 10 Green 5-15 F, HSX 20 Blue 12-28 F, HSX 30 Red 24-36 F, HSX 40 Yellow 30-50 F