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Model Year 2022/23. Ski weight = 1260 grams for size 194cm. Side cut 48-44-46 mm. Sizes 179cm (skier weight less than 130 lbs), 184cm (121-152lbs), 189cm (130-163 lbs), 194cm (152-185 lbs), 199cm (163 -196 lbs), 204cm (185-220 lbs). The Fischer Superlite Crown skis are so fun and easy to use, they sell out almost every year. Fischer’s Vario Crown “Grip Meets Glide” pattern combines the proven Single Crown and Double Crown grip sections with the Gliding Crown, with rounded profile for maximum ease when gliding. This, plus the Efficient Forward (EF) construction, which adds elasticity to the body of the ski, means almost effortless kick on both hills and flats, and wonderful glide. Fischer’s Air Core Basalite core makes the Superlites very lightweight and consistent across snow conditions, and WC Pro base gives them a ridiculously long and smooth glide phase. These skis offer such a fun and easy-going kick-and-glide experience, that they create many cross country skiing addicts year after year! Use on and off trail 80/20. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4¾ out of 5 stars.  List Price: $299

– Turnamic Control Step-In Bindings

Model Year 2022/23. These automatic step-in bindings, which slide onto the pre-mounted Integrated Fixation Plate (IFP), are intuitive and easy to use. Wide binding plate and secure binding attachment allow for maximum power transfer to the skis. With quick, tool-free adjustment capability, they are easy to adjust forward and back for optimal performance, regardless of snow condition or terrain. No grip? No problem, simply move the binding forward! Not enough glide? Just slide the binding back. This is binding technology at its finest. XC Ski HQ Demo Rating: 4½ out of 5 stars. List Price: $79

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175cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm, 194cm, 199cm, 204cm, 204cm X-Stiff