Start Kick Wax, 45g,


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Start kick wax

Start kick wax is made from a combination dry-wax raw materials and is best suited for both old and new snow. Can be used in most conditions. The strength of the synthetic hard-waxes comes from their durability and versatility. The Base wax improves the durability of the waxing. The synthetic kick waxes are ideal for humidity levels 0%…55%.

Yellow 3°…1°C (37°…34°F)

Purple 1°…-3°C (34°…27°F)

Blue -2°…-6°C (28°…21°F)

Black -10º…-30º C (14…-22F)

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Blue (21 to 28F), Green (14 to 24F), Purple (26 to 34F), Yellow (34 to 38F)