Swix “VP” Kick Wax, 45g


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Sswix “VP” Kick Wax, 45g

The Swix “VP” Kick Wax line are fluro-free and made for top racing, but have also proved interesting for Recreational and Sport skiers because of excellent properties. The wax contains a new additive designed to impart maximum lubricity. This improves the stick-slip properties of the wax and gives an excellent feeling. Each Swix “VP” Kick Wax has two specified temperature ranges. One for falling and new fallen snow, characterized by sharp snow crystals with relatively strong penetration capacity. The other range is for older snow, when the crystals are rounded off and have less penetration power. The VP line covers all temperatures from -10°C to +3°C. To apply “VP” kick wax, thinly apply your layer and then smooth the surface with a synthetic cork. These hard-waxes are characterized by a high degree of flexibility. **Previously called “VR” kick wax**

VP 30 Pro Light Blue: New Snow 3°F to 18°F, Old Snow -4°F to 10°F

VP 40 Pro Blue: New Snow 14°F to 25°F, Old Snow 7°F to 23°F

VP 45 Pro Blue/Violet: New Snow 23°F to 30°F, Old Snow 18°F to 27°F

VP 50 Pro Light Violet: New Snow 27°F to 32°F, Old Snow 21°F to 30°F

VP 55 Pro Dark Violet: New Snow 28°F to 34°F, Old Snow 23°F to 32°F

VP 60 Pro Violet/Red: New Snow 30°F to 36°F, Old Snow 25°F to 34°F

VP 65 Pro Red/Black: New Snow 32°F to 36°F, Old Snow 25°F to 32°F

VP 70 Pro Yellow: New Snow 32°F to 38°F, Old Snow 30°F to 36°F

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