Rex “G” Series N-Kinetic Spray Glider 150ml,


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Rex “G” Series N-Kinetic Spray Glider 150ml

Rex “G” Series N-Kinetic Spray Glider are special fluoro-free versions of our most advanced HF gliders. They feature all the technology advantages of Rex HF-series, without the use of fluoro compounds.  With the ample 150 ml aerosol packaging, you can wax up to 40 skis with a single can. (188 cm skating ski). In low moisture and artificial snow, the performance is almost on par with HF series, with similar durability. G-series gliders are great waxes for fast training and junior racing. Likewise to our HF Sprays, they are the most wax-containing liquid gliders on the market and do not need hot waxing to support their durability. Fills small imperfections in base material like hot wax, reconditions and replenishes.

Rex UHW™ is an ultra-hard polymer wax blend for the most abrasive conditions. It is only possible to apply in liquid form. Forms a strong bond with the UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) base material used in race skis, ensuring good durability. Rex N-KINETIC™ is the name of our fluorocarbon free dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing technologies. Now in 4 different performance levels, all the way to 100% N-Kinetic top coatings that offer performance similar to fluorocarbon coatings. Rex POWER POLYMERS™ is a new generation polymer wax blend that forms a strong bond with the UHMWPE base material used in race skis, ensuring good durability. The core of our liquid wax technology. Advanced 2-STEP CARRIER™ -solvent combined with special manufacturing process, enable the temporary liquid state transformation of new generation polymer waxes. A liquid wax without compromises.

436 G11 Yellow Spray +10…-2°C

437 G21 Blue Spray -2…-12°C

439 G21G “New Snow” Spray +2…-12°C

435 G41 UHW Pink/Green +5…-20°C

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Blue 21, Graphite 21, Pink 41, Yellow 11, 435 Pink 41, 436 Yellow 11, 437 Blue 21, 439 Graphite 21