Toko High Performance Liquid Paraffin, 125ml


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Toko High Performance Liquid Paraffin

Toko High Performance Liquid Paraffin is the wax everyone is talking about. This latest generation of liquid waxes is based on a special formula which ensures that the wax penetrates directly into the micro-structure of the ski base, a feature which guarantees the excellent properties of this product. Simply spray on, leave to dry for around 30 minutes and polish with a soft nylon polishing brush. Its application is very easy and clean, the liquid wax dries quickly, wax adhesion lasts for a long time, it is highly water and dirt repellent, it provides excellent protection for the ski base and guarantees outstanding gliding performance. In addition, the base can be prepared just before the race, especially if weather conditions change.

Yellow (0 °C — -6 °C 32 °F — 21 °F) For high-moisture and wet snow conditions, ideal for training sessions, junior racing and ambitious enthusiasts.

Red (-4 °C — -12 °C 25 °F — 10 °F) Wide application range for common conditions in the medium snow temperature range.

Blue (-10 °C — -30 °C 14 °F — -22 °F) For cold and aggressive snow conditions.

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Blue, Red, Yellow