Start Terva Kick Wax, 45g,


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Start terva kick wax 45g

Start Terva kick waxes are for new and fine snow. Suitable for use as kick wax for hobbyist in all snow conditions. Tar based kick waxes suit well for new snow conditions when humidity makes the trail icy and it is difficult to get kick. Tar is a very good thermal material, which may keep the blending more elastic and therefore kick abilities are better.

Black -10C…-30C (14F…-22F)

Green -7°…-12°C (19°…10°F)

Red 0°…-3°C (32°…27°F)

Purple 0.5°…-0.5°C (33°…31°F)

Yellow 2°…0°C (36°…32°F)

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Black (-22 to 14F), Green (10 to 20F), Purple (31 to 33F), Red (27 to 32F), Yellow (33 to 37F)